The City of Burnet and the Burnet Economic Development Corporation have partnered to develop the MyTown Housing Initiative. This umbrella initiative fosters city-wide residential development and encompasses multiple programs to encourage job creation. This endeavor aims at maximizing existing infra-structure, reducing the costs of building homes in Burnet and enhancing quality of life through property beautification.

Additionally, the City has revised the Burnet Hometown Housing program to allow for additional offsets, or waivers, of the entire impact fee, thereby effectively eliminating the cost of permitting a new home in certain areas of the community.

Fee reductions will be applied to any residential building permit for new construction at the time of applying for a permit with the Building Official’s office. 

The MyTown initiative also includes assistance with homeowner improvement grants and maintenance through the BurnetProud property improvement program.
What is the timeline?
The City Council has currently authorized the MyTown program through September 30, 2016.
How can I get more information?
Go to the City of Burnet website at www.cityofburnet.com and click on the MyTown link, call (512) 715-3200, or email mytown@cityofburnet.com .
Home Town Housing Program
The Home Town Housing Program is a separate infill program and is not a part of the MyTown Initiative. 

Who will benefit?

MyTown is designed to encourage economic development and job creation through new residential construction. Homeowners who build a home in Burnet will benefit as the program provides for reduced development costs thereby incentivizing builder construction efforts.
How do I take advantage of the Initiative?

Businesses or organizations that wish to participate in the program should apply to become an Official Partner. Official Partner’s may then submit a proposal to participate in the development of eligible properties.
How does the Initiative work?

The initiative is multi-facetted. For the duration of the program, the City Council has waived residential building permit fees, standard tap fees, and has offset certain impact fees city-wide, regardless of the location or selling price of the home. 
Included in this initiative is the waiver of the Water Impact Fee, equal to $1,084.50 for each new residential permit. The combination of fee waivers effectively lowers the cost of building a $150,000 home by approximately $3,200, ultimately reducing the cost of homeownership.

To further enhance the initiative and to encourage development in historically under- utilized areas of the city, the Burnet Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) has purchased lots for the purpose of redevelopment incentives. The BEDC is offering these lots to builders at very competitive rates.